ZoHo is a powerfull, concrete, solid band born in Brussel under the monkey scream during a cold winter.
they build a wall enlightened on stage with all the speakers and amplifiers they use,
the performers face the wall in the middle of the audience, so they feel
the same sound as the audience;
As they build a wall of speakers, they build a wall of sound mixed with the four performers and their instruments, the sound is one tangible matter, this matter is made of close frequencies, Irregular rhythms, feedbacks from many sources, tapes, different strings, drums, comas, impacts….. the wall of sound changes its own shape with additional and subtracting forces

Zoho at Magasin 4 (Brussels, BE) – 20 Feb 2014 from Jesus is my son on Vimeo.

Arnaud Paquotte, Bass…,

Grégory Duby, Guitar…,

Benjamin Cheval, Drums, feedback….,

Aymeric de Tapol, Tapes, guitar, feedback

“It seems Zoho is real harsh-noise, that’s hard to keep attention for our audience. It’s to extreme for our club, I’m afraid…” Kinky Star magazine(Be)